Android to iOS - Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Iphone 7 Plus

When you move from Android to iOS or vice versa, you may like some features, dislike some, and may even face many challenges. I have been using Samsung's flagship S7 currently running on Android 7, for around 6 months and will be now using Apple iPhone  plus. I will list the things I liked and disliked in both versions, along with any challenges I faced and if possible solutions as well.


General Thoughts / Mixed Thoughts

  1. First thing I noticed is that, iPhones doesn't have a back button like most android phones. Back option will be part of the app itself or you will need to use the home button.

  2. UI had some minor issues and there were some mismatch from many tutorials. But once I updated the iOS to the latest version, things are fine.


What I liked with iPhone 7 Plus / iOS

  1. Live camera trick (moving pictures) is good.

  2. Automatic video creation is good.

  3. Battery backup is good.


What I did not like with iPhone 7 Plus / iOS

  1. First real issue I faced was about restoring my Whatsapp backup. Samsung S7 ( and other android phones too) takes/restore backup in Google drive, whereas iOS does this in iCloud. I also tried to sent a mail to Whatsapp support, but with no luck. There are few paid software available online, but did not feel like taking a risk considering recent worldwide virus attacks. 

  2. AppStore is somewhat similar to PlayStore, but looks like there are lesser apps, and apps have lesser usage ratings also, compared to PlayStore.

  3. Calendar was better with Samsung S7, which shows dates with any reminders/events with different markers. With iPhone Calendar I would need to go inside each date to check if there are any reminders/events.

  4. Call forwarding in IPhones - Can only forward unconditionally (forward all calls). Android, Windows and even the cheapest Karbon mobiles have multiple options such as forward if busy, unreachable, not ansering etc.

  5. Does not have expandable memory, but should be ok if you buy a high internal storage capacity phone.

  6. Whatsapp images or videos get downloaded to same camera roll folder, making backing up valid photos difficult. 


Note! This is a running blog post and I will be updating this post frequently. 

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