Airtel Failed Promise (With Proof)


Airtel has launched an Ad campaign primarily to counter Jio offers terming as 'Airtel Promise'. Looks like Airtel has failed on the promises even before it has started. One of the popular promise was related to family plan. However looks like it is becoming a nightmare for people opting for family plan due to buggy software and lack of understanding of these offers even for the customer care. Read till the end for current updates.

We provide one such example with proof. We are writing this as an open letter to Airtel CEO. Hope we get a proper reply.

  1. Airtel's original family plan was against Government’s idea of linking Adhar with mobile number: Airtel wanted to lose everyone’s identity and link one Adhar per family. Read more here.

  2. Later Airtel Social Media team called and said they have changed the rules and now you can add any child number. Since adding through the app did not work, added through customer care. Airtel said request will be completed within 11:00 pm on 25-07-2017. (Ref51127252)

  3. By 11:00 pm on 25-07-2017 child number was visible in parent's app, but child number was locked. Child was still having the old plan.

  4. Next day Aritel asked to wait for 24 hours and provided another ticket 78094889. After 24 hours, they asked to wait for 48 hours. After 48 hours, they provided another ticket 78128402 asked to wait until 35 days

  5. A lady called and said issue is resolved and closed a ticket (78094980) without even giving time to verify. Nothing was resolved.

  6. As 35 days for a plan change was too much, sent a mail to Mail to Airtel appelate was rejected with a message that their mail box is full with complaints.

  7. Finally on August 8th, almost after 15 days, plan was changed in child. I got a reply from appellate desk that issue has been resolved and number has been added as a child with 399 plan. Plan was changed, but then child number could not use internet. They say a family can share data, but after adding a child, the child lost its internet altogether.

  8. After 10 plus days, they have raised another ticket for internet access: 78766155.

  9. Now in child number app, we can see the older data benefits (before migrating to the child plan) still without any internet access

  10. Called customer care again on August 20th afternoon and they said their systems and down and hence cannot lookup any data. 25 days and still counting (as of August 20, 2017), just for adding a child number to family. 

  11. Sent a mail again and appellate team as well as posted this link in their twitter handle.

  12. Finally after 26 days (As of 21/8/2017), looks like plan has got changed completely. 


This is the case with just one of Aitel's failed promises. More Airtel news can be found here



Issue seems to be resolved. Child number is now having internet. So marking the issue as RESOLVED.

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