Is ACT Fibernet Becoming One of the Worst Internet Providers in Bangalore?


Is ACT becoming one of the worst internet providers in Bangalore, especially in their customer care? Field representatives simply close tickets giving lame reasons whenever they can't meet their targets. Same tickets were reopened numerous times as they were marked resolved without actually being resolved. They have updated tickets telling they have talked to me when they haven't. Lack of coordination between teams is also evident.

After more than a month of follow up and even posting on their Facebook timeline, this blog seems to be my last resort. As a passion, I teach and share knowledge with students around the world mainly through my website and this has really impacted those activities. If you are an ACT representative, please look into it seriously. If you are a friend of mine, please like/share it as it will make them things more seriously and for other customers as well.   

Lack of coordination between teams is evident. One team closed my transfer ticket after almost one month of follow up citing 'disconnected due to VD-V-VACATED TO NON- FEASIBLE AREA' and another of their own representative takes up a new connection request on the SAME day and took the money and documents. Later when I brought it to the notice of customer care, they told they will do the transfer. The transfer representative (8884123058) also took money and said will connection on the same day.

The transfer representative (8884123058) did not collect documents and said he will share the email to send documents, but never shared any email. Later I got an email that my connection will be disconnected as documents are not submitted. The new connection representative (9538879685) had taken the documents and money, and even updated in the system. They said they will refund the amount, but don't know when it will actually happen. I can't understand why they can't just transfer the money and documents to the other account. 

After lot of follow up, they came and said they have given the connection, but it was just the wiring. They even took my signature on a form about installation and said will give the connection on the same day before night. But nothing happened. All others got the connection. Not sure if the representative will get any commission for the new connection. 

The transfer representative (8884123058) said he will personally make sure my connection is alright before 12 PM next day. But never took my call after 12 PM next day. After lot of escalation they came and fixed, but after few hours it again stopped working. And later I got a message that someone will look into it after one week (10 March 2016).

Later there was also a wire cut in my apartment. And when I called up customer care, they said there is internal wiring issue in my apartment and ACT representatives asked me to do internal wiring and since I cannot do it I have asked for a disconnection, when actually no one even told or asked me about it. 

Then I uploaded my story in their Facebook page and they said they will take it up as a priority. Within few days it was fixed and again within one day it stopped working again. I called up customer care and they said it is not working for anyone from my box and I could personally verify that it is working for others from my box. When I asked for escalation, they said supervisors don't have time to talk right now. When I insisted, said will call back in 2 hours. This has happened before also and never got the call within that time. 

There is also talks of ACT and local internet providers like IRIS/METRO NET cutting each others wires, and even some adjustment between these people. My connection however is not working even when the wire cut issues were resolved. And customer care also confirmed it is port issues. I can understand about wire cut issues, but recurring port issues specifically to one person can't be tolerated. Also, the speed is still lesser than my subscription plan whenever it works at the new place. 

Really pathetic team of workers and a real example of lack of coordination. I am not sure if this is some kind of targeting because I had requested for a transfer and then requested for a new connection and then went with the transfer request, or ACT and their systems are just incapable of providing quality service. 


I shared this to ACT team over their page and mail. Issue is fixed as of now. Previously also I had made a comment on their FB page and they replied telling it is fixed. However, every time getting things done through FB or blog post is not that easy. Will share here if it stop working again.

Also, the speed is still lesser than what I have subscribed for. So would probably need to raise another ticket to get the spped as per my subscription. 

Issues were resolved immediately after sharing the blog and the connection seems to be stable now. Thank you ACT team. But this could have been done even without the need to write a blog.

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