Vodafone 9GB New Handset Offer Cheating - Customer To Escalate With Help From Other Victims and Probably Other Competitor Providers


Customer clicked on a vodafone advertisement which said 9GB will be provided to new handsets and if they have minimum 1 GB plan. Customer had already recharged for a special plan of 179 for 1GB and hence opted in for the 9GB. Then Vodafone sent a congratulations message and now asked him to recharge one of the standard recharges starting 265 to get the plan. He topped up his balance and recharged for 265 from balance. Balance got reduced by 265 and 1.5 GB got credited as expected of the plan. However, he still did not get any offer of 9GB.

As always, reaching Vodafone customer care if a nightmare for prepaid customers. Customer had sent PORT request initially and vodafone gave false promises and got late. Second time after port request, customer was told about this 9GB handset offer for the new mobile. After IDEA merger, looks like they don't even care if people PORT out. Even the PORT request is a week since and none cares. 

Leaving all other issues aside, Vodafone has clearly cheated here. If the offer is not there they should have corrected their systems and not sent an sms saying you are eligible and asking to recharge for the offer. At least the customer could have saved 444 rupees. When Jio is giving 28 GB with calls for 303, Vodafone is giving 2.5 GB (without calls) for 444, and that too in 3G speed. I AM REALLY STARTING TO HATE VODAFONE!


Update on April 8, 2017 9.30 AM

Got a response from Vodafone facebook page and twitter that they will get back. Called customer care today, but call got disconnected while the rep was telling the request number because of the the high quality 4G network. It was also interesting that the rep took so much time to find out that I had made all these recharges. 


Update on April 8, 2017 5 PM

It was more than 4 hours than promised by the rep, so I called to customer care. Another rep told there is no such offer and you have got fooled by the system. He said he cannot talk in English and hence will transfer to English customer care. He transferred and I waited for a very long time and call got disconnected. 

I had also sent mail to appellate.Kar@vodafone.com and Nodal.kar@vodafone.com, in addition to corpcare.kar@vodafone.com. No reply from them too. So only thing left is to go legal with help from other victims and even looking into the feasibility of getting support from other providers as well. I recharged after getting a message from Vodafone; if it is a system error, then they should return my money back at least. 


Update on April 10, 2017 11.08 AM

After my reminder 4 mail on April 9, 2017, I go this mail from Vodafone on April 10,2017 11.08 AM:

We appreciate you reaching out to us.My name is Syed, and I will be assisting you today on your Vodafone numbers XXXXXXXXXX.

I would like to inform you that I have forwarded the below concern to our respective team and they are working on it priority.
However, I wish to inform you that 9GB free data for your new smartphone will be activated within 4hours.

At Vodafone, we strive to provide you with superior service levels and hope I was able to address your query adequately. Should you have any additional questions, please reply to this email and I will do my best to assist you.

Your service interaction number is 1396922002.


Final Update

Vodafone is clueless on why their software did not work as expected. As a work around they have activated 9GB plan manually and have asked to contact them again for activating for next two times. Moving the status to RESOLVED.

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