Vodafone - How to get Unlimited Calls and 1 GB per day for 56 days with 342 recharge?


To counter Jio, vodafone has posted ads for unlimited calls with 1 GB data per day for 1 year with 342 recharge of 56 day validity. There is also another recharge of 346 with 10GB data per month and unlimited calls. Pic from a shop wall in Marathahalli taken on 11/3/2017 attached. It also says that it has to be done before 15th March.

The pic asks to try *121# to check for offer. But most customers I checked did not get it when checked with *121#.  Is there really an offer like this? How many people have received it? Or is it just an ad to confuse people migrating to Jio and Airtel? I am forwarding this link to Vodafone with the question: How to get 1 GB per day for 1 year with 346 recharge of 56 day validity?

If you are an user who has used the above plan, please comment the details here before the validity of the offer is over and get a recharge of Rs. 100 from our side to any number you provide.


Final Update

Finally suddenly on a day after all these, I got a message for 342 recharge and it worked. Since I got the message after the above timeline, don't know if I will be getting it for one year. 

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